I never thought that becoming a non-smoker would be easy as it actually was. The ongoing support and encouragement that you offered me was very helpful. I had my surgery and remain smoke free. I have recommended you to my friend Mark (a heavy smoker) as well as two other friends that has issues with weight gain. Thank you again for your help in achieving this goal.

Vincent Lawrence

My speech therapist recommended me finding a hypnotherapist. I was having issues of my throat closing down when I was speaking and sometimes thought I was choking. It was terrifying! So I looked up a couple in the area and started to call. I was in sales when I was working. When I was speaking to Denise on the phone she truly wanted to help me. Spent awhile with me on the phone so I knew if anyone could help me, she was the one!!! So I made an appointment. She is incredible, very professional and really knows her work. She asked me what I wanted to accomplish and we made a plan. I went once a week for a few months.
I had had 18 surgeries in the past few years and was at the end of my journey. Then my throat started having bad issues! And I’m in sales so I had to talk a lot. It was truly an awesome experience. She put me under, but I was fully aware of what was going on. I actually remembered everything during the session. When she was speaking to my higher self, she addressed the issue and found out that I had a lot of fear and took on a lot of pain and trauma. The surgeries which caused my throat to close down actually held a lot of your emotions in your heart. She released this. When I left I felt so much lighter emotionally inside, full of energy, and had tons more of confidence. Every week she went in and realized blockages,  fear, etc. and addressed the issue.  I forgave myself,  saw the issue and let it go .
If anyone is looking for a hypnotherapist, I highly recommend her. She’s fantastic and has truly changed my life. I truly look forward to our sessions. Thank you so much Denise for your time and I’ll be a client for life!  Love you!


It has been 20 years plus that I have been suffering from anxiety, panic attacks, and severe depression. During this time, I have been seeing psychiatrists and psychotherapists. I have been on every single psychotic drug know to man, and not a one ever helped me. As a matter of fact, it only added to my anxiety and depression as it made me feel hopeless. Anyone taking these meds know that you have to suffer weeks to see if they are going to help, and then weeks more of withdrawal symptoms to come off of them as they are not successful. This whole process only brings on more despair and at times has made me want to leave this planet. Sorry, that is extreme, but true.
When I finally admitted to my grown sons what I have been going through, my oldest son suggested hypnotherapy and meditation. I was so low at the time and had nothing to lose. Little did I know how much I had to gain. Having used hypnotherapy many years ago in order to stop smoking, I had no doubts in going into this area of therapy.
Being truly fortunate I came in touch with Ms. Denise Vargas at the Hypnotic Institute located in Coral Springs Whispering Woods Executive Center. This has been the best thing I have ever done for myself. These sessions have given me back control of my feelings, self-forgiveness, and reduced anxiety attacks, fears, and regrets to wherein I now feel more in control of my feelings. I am learning to take control of my feelings in lieu of them totally controlling me.
Additionally, it has taught me how to relax, which is something I was unable to do in the past. I am learning techniques to do when I am home to help ward off stressors as they pop up (and we all know that life can surprise us). Now I don’t have to relinquish my feelings to these every day events. Hypnotherapy has been teaching me to let go of worrying myself sick over some things that may never happen.
This therapy is the best gift to ever give yourself. Not only has it helped me emotionally, but physically as well. Each week, I look forward to my sessions as they are the highlight of my recovery! I have been blessed with the comfort and trust I have experienced with Ms. Denise Vargas.
I can only advise anyone who had gone though the hell I have to give this Hypnotherapy a chance. You have nothing to lose, but oh so much to gain. I wish those out there who think there is no way out to explore this age old therapy. A year ago, I had given up completely. Now, I have regained my life, energy, and even creativity is returning.

Patti Rucerito

I have always had an open mind and interest in exploring myself spiritually. Through Denise’s guidance, I was able to connect with myself on a deeper level by going through a past life regression. It was one of the most enlightening and informative experiences in my life. It opened my eyes further to “what is out there” and I couldn’t have done it without Denise’s help. I highly recommend her!

Mary Hernandez